Thursday, June 29, 2006


Okay here it is in all its subversive glory.


1. Various Production - Pug 2002 downtempo breaks from UK with limited presses and handmade record sleeves

2. African Head Charge - Big Country 2005 Japanese release of Jamacian electronic dub

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - Song for Bobby Smith 1974 deep soul from the man who brought us The Revolution Will Not Be Televised .

Tuxedomoon - In the Name of Talent (Italian Western) 1981 avant-garde new wave from France

5. Brainiac - Hands of the Genius 1994 post-grunge from Ohio? with electronic tendencies off a locally released LP.

Colourbox - Sex Gun (demo) 1982 on 4AD Records duo who went onto write 'Pump Up The Volume"

7. . P.J. Proby - I Can't Make it Alone 1964 American crooner produced by Jack Nitzsche RIP

8. Version City Rockers - Curl 2005 Dub Raggae from NYC

9. Plastic Crimewave Sound - Korean Ghost Ship 2006 waves of guitars out of Chicago

10. The Modern Lovers- Astral Plane 1976 protopunk from Boston who's members went on to be in bands like The Talking Heads and the Cars

11. Alif Tree - Hold Me Down 2002 French Trip-hop

12. Boxcutter - Sunshine 2006 Dubstep from Northern Irish artist

13. Dudley Perkins- Dear God 2006 soul produced by Madlib

14. Gangsta Boo - I Faked It Last Night 2001 straight ghetto, I had to it's just too funny not to include

15. The Good 2 Bad and Hughly - Fistful of Dollars 1993 old-school Hardcore from the UK (of course)

16. Talk Talk - I Believe in You 1988 give it a couple minutes, trust me, it gets good around the middle
In order to open the zip. archive you must download Winarchiver here, if that gives you problems just contact me. I hope everyone "gets" what I'm trying to do here and enjoys the different styles I've included. Send me any comments or suggestions for next month. Next post I will be going back posting more random stuff from D Town's best.

love is go!

I decided to post a house mix that I did early this year. I don't have alot of time right now, so I'm just including the tracklisting. Tomorrow I'll be unveiling the first FREEK CASSETTE which will be full of obscure goodies, see ya tomorry.
Love is Go!
by Von Migs 3000 (61:55)
1. Altern 8 - Re-Indulge (Freetown Mix)
2. Angel Alanis - Bitches & Drum Machines (Joey Beltram Remix)
3. Blaze feat. Sybil - When I Fall in Love (Robbie Rivera Remix)
4. Magik Johnson - Feel Alright (Solid Groove Remix)
5. In-Flagranti - Genital Blue Room
6. John Dahlback - Springtime
7. Julien Jabre - Swimming Pool (Jerome Sydenham Mix)
8. Roy Davis Jr. - I Wanna See Your Body Move
9. Basement Jaxx - Flylife (Cajmere Remix)
10. Si Beggs - Welcome to the Discoteque
11. Trevor Rockcliffe & Blake Baxter - Visions of You (Carl Cox Remix)
12. Underground Resistance - Ultraviolet Images
13. Tom Pooks - Jocker
14. Los Hermanos - Deeper Presence
15. Etiene De Crecy - Relax
16. Nhar - Hexoflip
17. Jori Hulkkonen - Let Me Luv U
18. Gerald Mitchell - Celestial Highways
19. David Alvarado - The Klugh
20. Dj Remy - ?
21. Anthony Rother - Lucifer
22. Silver City - Shiver (Ewan Pearson Remix)
23. Aphex Twin - Hedphelgm

Monday, June 26, 2006

Planet E

Planet E is one of those record labels where you have to go out and get every release. Started by Carl Craig in the mid nineties it has been an interigal part of Detroit's second wave. Releases such as Moodymann - Silentintroduction and Recloose - Cardiology helped to update the Detroit sound for a new generation without playing into "the rave culture" of the time. Maintaining it's soul through a period when electronica became a seller's market. For the last couple of years the label has been laying low, Craig has been using it primailarly to publish his own record under names like 69 and Tres Demented . I went through and tried to find some of my favorites from the label. Attention: I started using Sendspace, so the link to download is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

Paperclip People - Climax 1998 (just for those who don't already know)

Buy the cd here

Recloose - Kapiti Dream 2001

Buy it here

Newworldaquarium - trespassers 2002

Also want to mention that I will be posting a compressed zip. file called FREEK CASSETTE on Friday. This will be monthly feature that is essentially a "mixtape" type of thing with an extremely eclectic variety of (Non-techno....For the most part) music. I guarantee it'll be, if nothing else, interesting.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

This Ain't No Schranz

Well I'm back from a long weekend and as promised I'm posting a mix from the only man in the techno with his own comic book, mister Alan Oldham aka DJ T-1000. This mix is actually a retrospective label mix of Oldham's own Generator Records. He has also has releases on Transmat, Djax-Up-Beats, +8, New Religion and many others. Originally from Detroit now residing in Chicago, Oldham is currently involved in a slew of diverse projects which include a new original album coming out soon called "The Art of Transformation", filmmaking, illustrating a series of comic books, and most interestingly a new unnamed trip-hop venture. I will (hopefully) be going to see him at the end of July at Cortktown in, but his best sets were played out on three turntables in the abandoned buildings outlying Detroit during the late nineties. This mix is aptly named "supercollider" and is T-1000 at his peek playing, mainly, his own productions. It is essential for any fan of warehouse shaking beats.

DJ T-1000 - Supercollider Mix 1997


1. X-313
Interferon ( Dave Clarke Remix)

2. Woody McBride & Alan Oldham
Test Three

3. DJ T-1000
Finding My Voice

4. Woody McBride & Alan Oldham
Test Two

5. DJ T-1000
Liquid Metal Meltdown

6. Woody McBride & Alan Oldham
Broadcast Test

7. Terry Lee Brown Jr.
Impact State (DJ T-1000 Remix)


9. DJ T-1000

10. DJ T-1000

11. DJ T-1000

12. DJ ESP

13. X-313

14. Marco Passarani
Saga Pt. 2 (Reprise)

Sticking with the "warehouse-shaking" theme I've included an new song that does a good job updating DJ Funk' s booty classic "Work it". Q-ic - Boo(s)tylicious is from the "Be Free" ep on Reaktion which you can purchase here. It's fresh and clean with old school sensibility. Check it out:

Q-ic - Boo(s)tylicious 2006

Finally a solid track from the Auftrieb label back in 96 by Wolfgang Voigt & Ingmar Koch. Between this duo they have recorded under about twenty different monikers, but most notably under the M.F.A., Air Liquide, and Gas aliases. This one comes under the pseudonym Lovecore. Both Voight & Koch are pioneers of the Cologne minimal sound which roots extend to Detroit via other Germany labels such as Tresor. It's one of those tracks where the bass swirls around your head and the massive kick could just go on for hours, it's pure heat. Download below:

Lovecore III - A1 Untitled 1996

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tasty Nuggets

Today we will start off with a little know nugget by Davina called "Don't You Want It". Produced in 1992 by Mister "Mad" Mike Banks who heads up Detroit premier label & group, Underground Resistance. The mix of Davina's incredibly sexy vocals and Mike Banks warm analog instrumentation rivals some of Motown's best when I comes to who can breath the most soul into the music. I saw UR at the Fuse-In Festival in 2005 and I think I'd have to say it was the best show I have every seen in my 25 years. Interesting side note; during the same festival weekend I got stuck in an elevator by myself with Kevin Saunderson on his way to spin his set at the main stage. I never would normally try to talk to someone "famous", but I had to introduce myself and Tell him how much he'd influenced me.

Download Blow:

Davina - Don't You Want It 1992

Continuing we've have something not from the city(D), but definitely influenced by it. Milton Jackson deserves respect for his 2002 Bionic Boy LP on Glasgow Underground which is filled with creatively filtered house grooves. The song "Sunlight" stays lower to the ground though, different from the rest of the album. This track really caught my ear as being exceptionally deep with it's sick strings. And what can I say I'm a sucker for a good strings arrangement. Check it out here:

Milton Jackson - Sunlight (album edit) 2002

Finally I conclude with the song that got me into the whole Detroit thing. Derrick May's Rhythim Is Rhythim - Beyond The Dance (Cult Mix) on Transmat is the track that made me realize their was better music than what I could find at Tower Records, and is what initially peeked my interest in this music. I heard this on a local radio station one night when I was like 14 and I still remember how it gave me goosebumps all over my body. Simply Beautiful.

Rhythim Is Rhythim - Beyond The Dances (Cult Mix) 1989

I was trying to get pics of the record labels, but I'm sick of fiddling with the retarded posting server so you get a picture of a giant baby eating a bowl of weed, it's the best I can do. Also I've decided on the last day of every month I will be doing a feature I'm calling FREEK CASSETTE. Since my musical taste expand way beyond just techno, I'll be posting one large compressed file that will be full of my favorite non-techno songs of the month. It'll be everything from indie rock to old school gabba, I promise to keep it interesting. Anyway enjoy today's tunes, tomorrow I'll be posting some harder techno stuff, including a set from detroit's godson of techno, DJ T-1000.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Drum Roll Please

I am very proud to present my firstof many in this series:

aQUADIO v1.1
a dj mix by von migs 3000 (79:59)
1.Takagi Masakatsu - Rama (Cornelius Remix)
2.John Beltran- Soft Summer
3.Mathew Jonson - Rainforest
4. Model 500 - Neptune
5. Lee Douglas - Same Changes
6. BFC - From Beyond
7. Ian O' Brian - Video Games & Data Movements
8. Kirk Degiogio presents As One - Cocoon
9.Oliver Hacke - Subject Carrier (Alex Under Remix)
10. Jussi Peka- The Snake (Cold Cut)
11. Alton Miller - Tulum (Komba Project Remix)
12. Theo Parrish - Paradise Architects
13. Henrik Schwarz -?
14. Robert Hood - High Plains Drifter
15. Richard Wolfsdolf - Buena Onda
16. Office Gossip- Street Talk
17. Suburban Knight - Niagra Falls
18. Peter Richard - Walking in the Neon (Club Version)
19. Mujuice - Dear's Tears
20. Antonelli Electric - Lovers Inn
21. Egoexpress - Aranda (Lawrence Remix)
22. Bluetech - Rubicon
23. 808 Funk - Silicon Zion
24. D-kay - Sunday Morning

Well I hope everyone enjoys the mix, leave a comment if ya like it. Also I have fixed the link to the Ron Hardy mix and if anyone knows alot about how to edit blog templates email me at . Next time I will be posting some hard-to-find detroity morsels.

Jack The Box

In the early 80s Frankie Knuckles was predating the house sound blending disco records and R&B at the Warehouse, these sets are legendary. But when the owner's decided to open another club underneath a car park on 1632 South Michigan right down the road called the Music Box they needed a DJ who could rock it just as hard. Enter Ron Hardy. "It was mind-altering" recalls Derrick May, who traveled from Detroit as a teenager to visit the Music Box. This house legend was a catalyst for the thick deep bass Chicago sound. Unfortunately living life on the edge caught up to him in 1992 when he feel ill and passed away.

Download mix below:

Ron Hardy - Side A of a Music box 04-03-1983 Mix Tape

I've also included a mix from Dj HMC, or DJ House Master Cam, live @ Minke. It's an special old school set called, shockingly, "All the Way Back" he did in 2001. I remember see this guy a couple times in Detroit at parties, but when saw him he spun techno mostly. He's from Australia and I dig his tracklist check it out.

checkout the tracklist here

Download the mix here:

DJ HMC - "All the Way Back" mix 2001

Also check out the website I got this mix from

Next post I'll be posting my first mix of aQUADIO

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sweltering Sampled Heat

Thank God, the heat let up so I can finally think straight. Yesterday was the kind of weather where you take a shower and by the time you are dry your sweaty again. Anyways I have some good songs to post:

Green Velvet - Powered on Gem Records (2004)


First a song by Green Velvet aka Cajmere off EP on Gem from 2004 which samples Snap! and Offspring(or maybe Offspring sampled it?). Chicago native Green Velvet probably best known for "The Perculator", but among old school heads his signature is his style of oddball techno. If you've never seen Green Velvet live, you are missing out . The weirdness of his records doesn't hold a flame to the rockstar antics of his live sets. On a good night you can expect keytar solos, manic screaming, and writhing on stage from the man who adorns a dome full of green glo-sticks, trust me it's worth a cross-state drive.

George Benson - Give Me The Night on Warner Bros. 1980

Kenny Dixon Jr. - January on Soul Sounds Vol. 1 EP 2004

Troy Brown - Feel Alright on Aquarius Recordings (Ontario) 1998

Next I've got a couple tunes that both source George Benson's "Give Me The Night"(1980), and how could you blame? It's one of the 80's top summer jams. If you're having a BBQ and it comes on the radio, you know someone's gonna turn it up. I couldn't find a lot of info on Troy Brown. I'm pretty sure he's from Ontario, Canada and I know he still DJ, l'll post anything else I find later. Kenny Dixon Jr. pure post-Motown Detroit soul music. If I had it my way this is the way all house music sound: raw, basic, deep, and soulful. Although I'm pretty sure the beat from "January" is from another Moodymann track and the hook is a sample, it' still top-shelf house serve in a dirty glass. Also if you dare to blend "January" and "Feel Alright" together on the dancefloor the build is amazing.

Tomorrow I'll be posting some old school chicago mixes and soon I will be posting the first in a semi-monthly series of mixes by myself entitled aQUADIO

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

So I wanted to post some songs for Father's Day for my dad, but still keep it real. He usually likes the majority of the music I give to him, but I wanted to keep a common theme among the songs that had something to do with my dad. While thinking about it I remember years ago I took a great picture of him in a ridiculous afro wig. He, myself, and a group of friends were hanging out. I was playing him a lot of Armand van Helden and DJ Dan, and he kept telling my friends how when he was younger they called this disco. Next thing you know my dad was pimping the afro wig. I looked all over for that picture so I could put it up , but it looks like he lucked out for now. So sense Disco Dad is probably needs something to listen to while biking all over Jersey, I submit these tunes for your approval:

This french group hit the clubs with this 14 minute epic monster in 1978, and still to this day can take over a dancefloor. Martin Circus' "Disco Circus" is seminal tune, inspiring thoughts of disco dollies being sacrificed to Egyptian sun gods, while coked-out minons dance and chant below a mirrored alter. Unlike most foriegn speaking disco outfits of the time, Circus decided to not to butcher their songs by trying to fake english, and stuck with french for their debut LP . Today I've posted Blake Baxter's "My Circus" off of his Disko-Tech EP on Tresor released in 1998 , which is essentially a handful loops from "Disco Circus" with the bass turned up, but it is a classic none the less. Secondly, Circus' "Je m’éclate au Sénégal", a song they released on their first 7" seven years before Disco Circus was released. At first it feels like the Martin Circus I know, then about a minute into the track it turns into a white french gogo version of black american soul music, I would really like to be able to translate what all they wailing at the end is about. I can't tell if it's a woman trying sound like a man, or a man trying to sound like a woman.

Blake Baxter - My Circus

Martin Circus - Je m’éclate au Sénégaal

Father's Day Bonus Songs:

Candido - Thousand Finger Man

The Jones Girls - Nights Over Eygpt

Traffic - 40,000 headmen

Acidic little clouds

So I thought really hard about this, being that it's the first couple of songs I am going to post they have to be good so here goes:

Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4

An almost 6o minute long masterpiece from 1984. I know, I know some of us can't sit down and listen to the same beat for entire hour, but trust me it's worth it, after listening to it you may hit the repeat button. You can really feel the roots of techno and trance being sew into the fabric of music with this composition. It'll rock a baby to sleep....Or maybe a stoner. But seriously Manuel Göttsching is aBerlinn born avant-garde composer who has recorded with suchluminariess as Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. His career started 1970 and spans 30 years. Manuel eventually let E2-E4 be sourced by Sueno Latino to be turned into the 1989 underground classic of the same name.

Ultramarine - Light in My Brain
guaranteedeed to perk up any crappy morning. Pop this song into the old cassette deck on the drive to work and you'll feel as if you were piloting a fluffy white cloud through traffic on the freeway. There is a definite Orb vibe theirier music. This British Duo recorded five albums of ambient detroitiness during the nineties. This track from 1992 is otheirier second album entitled "Every Man and Woman Is a Star" on Rough Trade UK. It's almost folky, it's early Foltronica. Before FourTet championed the sound, Ultramarine were developing the genre.

Ok that's it for My first posting. As you can see, I'm not going to post tobviousuos stuff you think of when one mentions "Detroit Techno"; Trust me I won't post Strings of Life tomorrow. I will be posting mixes some of my own mixes and larger caches of stuff once I get all the kinks worked out, 'til then Peace.

Bonus Links to DJ sets:

Mr.C presents X-Mix:The Electronic Storm

Minimal Vision
Vertigo (4:20)
K.O.T. Exclusive (3:36)
Carl Craig
At Les (3:48)
Chocolate Chicken (2:24)
Breathe Deeper (5:03)
Planet 6
Touched By Mojo (3:15)
Damon Wild
Avion (3:20)
Silent Breed
Kortex (2:20)
Naughty & Tolis
Timeless Groove (3:46)
Deanne Day
Honk (1:52)
Acid Jesus
Radium (4:56)
Daddy Vegas (3:17)
Richard Benson
Fear The Bass (4:04)
K. Hand
Psycho World (2:52)
Untitled (4:06)
Freddie Fresh & Woody McBride
Psycalopic 95 (5:37)
Kosmic Messenger
Flash (4:49)
Minimal Man
Coyote Flux (2:42)
Dan Eben
VW (2:32)
Atomic Dog
Future Now (2:55)
Reese (2)
Hot Pa-Tutti (2:21)

a classic X-Mix from 1994, a series of DJ mixes which have included John Acquaviva, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, and Carl Craig.

Detroit Soul - Mixed by Adam Smith

Dark Comedy - Tellin Lies - Art of Dance/Poussez
Synchrojack - End of the Road (K's Mix '96) - Deep Transportation
Three Chairs - Rain for Jimmy - Three Chairs
Three Chairs - I Wonder Why (Edit) - Three Chairs
Jeff Mills - Changes of Life (Reprise Mix) - Purpose Maker
Octave One - I Believe - 430 West
Chez Damier - I Never Knew Love (Change Up Mix) - KMS
FRS - Theme From FRS - Global Cuts
X-Ray - Untitled - Transmat
E-Dancer - Feel the Mood - Shield
Blake Baxter - Does Not Compute - KMS
X-Ray - Let's Go - Transmat
Rhythm Is Rhythm - Strings of Life - Transmat
Machine - There But for the Grace of God Go I - RCA
FRS - Harder - Global Cuts
Omar-S - 004 - FXHE Music
Duplex - Autosug - Clone
Juan Atkins - Back to Basics - New Religion

This is actually a podcast I recently download from Adam Smith outta Brooklyn NY on A Brooklyn Life Radio. It's Adam's Homage to Detroit, check it out.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Welcome and Let us Begin

Hola, and welcome to Detroit is for lovers. A MP3 blog devoted to, but not exculsively, Detroit/Chicago techno and house. The rest of the world needs to know, if they don't already, how raw and soulful this music is. So I make it my mission to give my readers the feeling I get everytime I uncover something that makes me want get up and yell "That's a fuckin song!" With that said, I give you a mix by a man who's truly a dj's dj. Theo Parrish now this man loves music. I saw him spinning at the first DEMF and bought his mix after his set. The mix is super chunky, filled with all an excellent blend of disco nuggets and thick undergound house beats. He's brings some stevie and james to the mix, plus some raggae pressure' The beat stays lowdown at around 110-115 bpms, slowing down alot of the kicks and basslines, making you feel every hit. check out his record label signature sound and click here to listen to dozens of theo parrish's records, then buy them.

Theo Parrish-
"Methods of movement, Detroit" mix Part 1 & Part 2

Von Migs 3000 Mix Downloads

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  • From Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
  • All of my free time is spent listening to, making, buying, and djing music. Anyone who wants to talk about music contact me(, I'm always looking for the next beat to listen to. If anyone object's to me putting up their music simply contact me and I will take it down.
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