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Acidic little clouds

So I thought really hard about this, being that it's the first couple of songs I am going to post they have to be good so here goes:

Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4

An almost 6o minute long masterpiece from 1984. I know, I know some of us can't sit down and listen to the same beat for entire hour, but trust me it's worth it, after listening to it you may hit the repeat button. You can really feel the roots of techno and trance being sew into the fabric of music with this composition. It'll rock a baby to sleep....Or maybe a stoner. But seriously Manuel Göttsching is aBerlinn born avant-garde composer who has recorded with suchluminariess as Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. His career started 1970 and spans 30 years. Manuel eventually let E2-E4 be sourced by Sueno Latino to be turned into the 1989 underground classic of the same name.

Ultramarine - Light in My Brain
guaranteedeed to perk up any crappy morning. Pop this song into the old cassette deck on the drive to work and you'll feel as if you were piloting a fluffy white cloud through traffic on the freeway. There is a definite Orb vibe theirier music. This British Duo recorded five albums of ambient detroitiness during the nineties. This track from 1992 is otheirier second album entitled "Every Man and Woman Is a Star" on Rough Trade UK. It's almost folky, it's early Foltronica. Before FourTet championed the sound, Ultramarine were developing the genre.

Ok that's it for My first posting. As you can see, I'm not going to post tobviousuos stuff you think of when one mentions "Detroit Techno"; Trust me I won't post Strings of Life tomorrow. I will be posting mixes some of my own mixes and larger caches of stuff once I get all the kinks worked out, 'til then Peace.

Bonus Links to DJ sets:

Mr.C presents X-Mix:The Electronic Storm

Minimal Vision
Vertigo (4:20)
K.O.T. Exclusive (3:36)
Carl Craig
At Les (3:48)
Chocolate Chicken (2:24)
Breathe Deeper (5:03)
Planet 6
Touched By Mojo (3:15)
Damon Wild
Avion (3:20)
Silent Breed
Kortex (2:20)
Naughty & Tolis
Timeless Groove (3:46)
Deanne Day
Honk (1:52)
Acid Jesus
Radium (4:56)
Daddy Vegas (3:17)
Richard Benson
Fear The Bass (4:04)
K. Hand
Psycho World (2:52)
Untitled (4:06)
Freddie Fresh & Woody McBride
Psycalopic 95 (5:37)
Kosmic Messenger
Flash (4:49)
Minimal Man
Coyote Flux (2:42)
Dan Eben
VW (2:32)
Atomic Dog
Future Now (2:55)
Reese (2)
Hot Pa-Tutti (2:21)

a classic X-Mix from 1994, a series of DJ mixes which have included John Acquaviva, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, and Carl Craig.

Detroit Soul - Mixed by Adam Smith

Dark Comedy - Tellin Lies - Art of Dance/Poussez
Synchrojack - End of the Road (K's Mix '96) - Deep Transportation
Three Chairs - Rain for Jimmy - Three Chairs
Three Chairs - I Wonder Why (Edit) - Three Chairs
Jeff Mills - Changes of Life (Reprise Mix) - Purpose Maker
Octave One - I Believe - 430 West
Chez Damier - I Never Knew Love (Change Up Mix) - KMS
FRS - Theme From FRS - Global Cuts
X-Ray - Untitled - Transmat
E-Dancer - Feel the Mood - Shield
Blake Baxter - Does Not Compute - KMS
X-Ray - Let's Go - Transmat
Rhythm Is Rhythm - Strings of Life - Transmat
Machine - There But for the Grace of God Go I - RCA
FRS - Harder - Global Cuts
Omar-S - 004 - FXHE Music
Duplex - Autosug - Clone
Juan Atkins - Back to Basics - New Religion

This is actually a podcast I recently download from Adam Smith outta Brooklyn NY on A Brooklyn Life Radio. It's Adam's Homage to Detroit, check it out.

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