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Happy Father's Day!

So I wanted to post some songs for Father's Day for my dad, but still keep it real. He usually likes the majority of the music I give to him, but I wanted to keep a common theme among the songs that had something to do with my dad. While thinking about it I remember years ago I took a great picture of him in a ridiculous afro wig. He, myself, and a group of friends were hanging out. I was playing him a lot of Armand van Helden and DJ Dan, and he kept telling my friends how when he was younger they called this disco. Next thing you know my dad was pimping the afro wig. I looked all over for that picture so I could put it up , but it looks like he lucked out for now. So sense Disco Dad is probably needs something to listen to while biking all over Jersey, I submit these tunes for your approval:

This french group hit the clubs with this 14 minute epic monster in 1978, and still to this day can take over a dancefloor. Martin Circus' "Disco Circus" is seminal tune, inspiring thoughts of disco dollies being sacrificed to Egyptian sun gods, while coked-out minons dance and chant below a mirrored alter. Unlike most foriegn speaking disco outfits of the time, Circus decided to not to butcher their songs by trying to fake english, and stuck with french for their debut LP . Today I've posted Blake Baxter's "My Circus" off of his Disko-Tech EP on Tresor released in 1998 , which is essentially a handful loops from "Disco Circus" with the bass turned up, but it is a classic none the less. Secondly, Circus' "Je m’éclate au Sénégal", a song they released on their first 7" seven years before Disco Circus was released. At first it feels like the Martin Circus I know, then about a minute into the track it turns into a white french gogo version of black american soul music, I would really like to be able to translate what all they wailing at the end is about. I can't tell if it's a woman trying sound like a man, or a man trying to sound like a woman.

Blake Baxter - My Circus

Martin Circus - Je m’éclate au Sénégaal

Father's Day Bonus Songs:

Candido - Thousand Finger Man

The Jones Girls - Nights Over Eygpt

Traffic - 40,000 headmen

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I couldn't believe a google search on "Martin Circus" would lead me to a Detroit Techno blog ;-) thanks for sharing "je m'éclate au sénégal", I hope you get some of the lyrics, they're funny.

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