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Jack The Box

In the early 80s Frankie Knuckles was predating the house sound blending disco records and R&B at the Warehouse, these sets are legendary. But when the owner's decided to open another club underneath a car park on 1632 South Michigan right down the road called the Music Box they needed a DJ who could rock it just as hard. Enter Ron Hardy. "It was mind-altering" recalls Derrick May, who traveled from Detroit as a teenager to visit the Music Box. This house legend was a catalyst for the thick deep bass Chicago sound. Unfortunately living life on the edge caught up to him in 1992 when he feel ill and passed away.

Download mix below:

Ron Hardy - Side A of a Music box 04-03-1983 Mix Tape

I've also included a mix from Dj HMC, or DJ House Master Cam, live @ Minke. It's an special old school set called, shockingly, "All the Way Back" he did in 2001. I remember see this guy a couple times in Detroit at parties, but when saw him he spun techno mostly. He's from Australia and I dig his tracklist check it out.

checkout the tracklist here

Download the mix here:

DJ HMC - "All the Way Back" mix 2001

Also check out the website I got this mix from suenomartino.net

Next post I'll be posting my first mix of aQUADIO

Great idea and execution. I really look forward to more posts. Thanks.

Lovely to find you here on the Interweb. Looking forward to more goodies. All the best! ! !

Awesome blog! Keep up the good work. Excellent taste in music btw ;-)

yo this is amazing. I am loving the stuff. I'm going to add you to my blog. But it seems the Ron Hardy link is not working for me? I have GOT to get that.

Good work getting the blog going - great tune selection so far!

I'm also having trouble with the Ron Hardy link - and I'm quite excited about hearing the mix!

That Hardy mix is great, but it seems odd that it was an influence on "Deep chicago" since it's mostly philly disco like they used to play at the Paradise Garage. I have most of those records in good condition and am thinking of redoing the mix in good quality :). Wish I could see a tracklist though.

best regards, nice info » »

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