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Planet E

Planet E is one of those record labels where you have to go out and get every release. Started by Carl Craig in the mid nineties it has been an interigal part of Detroit's second wave. Releases such as Moodymann - Silentintroduction and Recloose - Cardiology helped to update the Detroit sound for a new generation without playing into "the rave culture" of the time. Maintaining it's soul through a period when electronica became a seller's market. For the last couple of years the label has been laying low, Craig has been using it primailarly to publish his own record under names like 69 and Tres Demented . I went through and tried to find some of my favorites from the label. Attention: I started using Sendspace, so the link to download is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

Paperclip People - Climax 1998 (just for those who don't already know)

Buy the cd here

Recloose - Kapiti Dream 2001

Buy it here

Newworldaquarium - trespassers 2002

Also want to mention that I will be posting a compressed zip. file called FREEK CASSETTE on Friday. This will be monthly feature that is essentially a "mixtape" type of thing with an extremely eclectic variety of (Non-techno....For the most part) music. I guarantee it'll be, if nothing else, interesting.

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