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Sweltering Sampled Heat

Thank God, the heat let up so I can finally think straight. Yesterday was the kind of weather where you take a shower and by the time you are dry your sweaty again. Anyways I have some good songs to post:

Green Velvet - Powered on Gem Records (2004)


First a song by Green Velvet aka Cajmere off EP on Gem from 2004 which samples Snap! and Offspring(or maybe Offspring sampled it?). Chicago native Green Velvet probably best known for "The Perculator", but among old school heads his signature is his style of oddball techno. If you've never seen Green Velvet live, you are missing out . The weirdness of his records doesn't hold a flame to the rockstar antics of his live sets. On a good night you can expect keytar solos, manic screaming, and writhing on stage from the man who adorns a dome full of green glo-sticks, trust me it's worth a cross-state drive.

George Benson - Give Me The Night on Warner Bros. 1980

Kenny Dixon Jr. - January on Soul Sounds Vol. 1 EP 2004

Troy Brown - Feel Alright on Aquarius Recordings (Ontario) 1998

Next I've got a couple tunes that both source George Benson's "Give Me The Night"(1980), and how could you blame? It's one of the 80's top summer jams. If you're having a BBQ and it comes on the radio, you know someone's gonna turn it up. I couldn't find a lot of info on Troy Brown. I'm pretty sure he's from Ontario, Canada and I know he still DJ, l'll post anything else I find later. Kenny Dixon Jr. pure post-Motown Detroit soul music. If I had it my way this is the way all house music sound: raw, basic, deep, and soulful. Although I'm pretty sure the beat from "January" is from another Moodymann track and the hook is a sample, it' still top-shelf house serve in a dirty glass. Also if you dare to blend "January" and "Feel Alright" together on the dancefloor the build is amazing.

Tomorrow I'll be posting some old school chicago mixes and soon I will be posting the first in a semi-monthly series of mixes by myself entitled aQUADIO

I'm really excited to have just discovered this blog. Excellent stuff here!
This comment is a little off topic -- but I just noticed that James Pennington (Suburban Knight) will be DJ'ing in Ann Arbor on Sunday. The only track that I've heard by him is "The Art of Stalking." Can you tell me anything about his more recent work/gigs? Do you know where I might listen to some clips? Thanks!

I'm really enjoying this blog, thanks for all the great music.

Maybe this is too cheesy, maybe it's the wrong genre, or maybe you just don't know about it :) ATOC did their own version of Give Me The Night also, more italo disco-ish:


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