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This Ain't No Schranz

Well I'm back from a long weekend and as promised I'm posting a mix from the only man in the techno with his own comic book, mister Alan Oldham aka DJ T-1000. This mix is actually a retrospective label mix of Oldham's own Generator Records. He has also has releases on Transmat, Djax-Up-Beats, +8, New Religion and many others. Originally from Detroit now residing in Chicago, Oldham is currently involved in a slew of diverse projects which include a new original album coming out soon called "The Art of Transformation", filmmaking, illustrating a series of comic books, and most interestingly a new unnamed trip-hop venture. I will (hopefully) be going to see him at the end of July at Cortktown in, but his best sets were played out on three turntables in the abandoned buildings outlying Detroit during the late nineties. This mix is aptly named "supercollider" and is T-1000 at his peek playing, mainly, his own productions. It is essential for any fan of warehouse shaking beats.

DJ T-1000 - Supercollider Mix 1997


1. X-313
Interferon ( Dave Clarke Remix)

2. Woody McBride & Alan Oldham
Test Three

3. DJ T-1000
Finding My Voice

4. Woody McBride & Alan Oldham
Test Two

5. DJ T-1000
Liquid Metal Meltdown

6. Woody McBride & Alan Oldham
Broadcast Test

7. Terry Lee Brown Jr.
Impact State (DJ T-1000 Remix)


9. DJ T-1000

10. DJ T-1000

11. DJ T-1000

12. DJ ESP

13. X-313

14. Marco Passarani
Saga Pt. 2 (Reprise)

Sticking with the "warehouse-shaking" theme I've included an new song that does a good job updating DJ Funk' s booty classic "Work it". Q-ic - Boo(s)tylicious is from the "Be Free" ep on Reaktion which you can purchase here. It's fresh and clean with old school sensibility. Check it out:

Q-ic - Boo(s)tylicious 2006

Finally a solid track from the Auftrieb label back in 96 by Wolfgang Voigt & Ingmar Koch. Between this duo they have recorded under about twenty different monikers, but most notably under the M.F.A., Air Liquide, and Gas aliases. This one comes under the pseudonym Lovecore. Both Voight & Koch are pioneers of the Cologne minimal sound which roots extend to Detroit via other Germany labels such as Tresor. It's one of those tracks where the bass swirls around your head and the massive kick could just go on for hours, it's pure heat. Download below:

Lovecore III - A1 Untitled 1996

Good stuff!

are you serious?? air liquide and MFA are one and the same? crazy... i still collect any air liquide recs that i can get my hands on, they were one of my favorites back in the early to mid-nineties. I fell in love with the MFA stuff last year sometime but never would have put the two together... the sound is so different.

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