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Hola, and welcome to Detroit is for lovers. A MP3 blog devoted to, but not exculsively, Detroit/Chicago techno and house. The rest of the world needs to know, if they don't already, how raw and soulful this music is. So I make it my mission to give my readers the feeling I get everytime I uncover something that makes me want get up and yell "That's a fuckin song!" With that said, I give you a mix by a man who's truly a dj's dj. Theo Parrish now this man loves music. I saw him spinning at the first DEMF and bought his mix after his set. The mix is super chunky, filled with all an excellent blend of disco nuggets and thick undergound house beats. He's brings some stevie and james to the mix, plus some raggae pressure' The beat stays lowdown at around 110-115 bpms, slowing down alot of the kicks and basslines, making you feel every hit. check out his record label signature sound and click here to listen to dozens of theo parrish's records, then buy them.

Theo Parrish-
"Methods of movement, Detroit" mix Part 1 & Part 2

awesome! thank you for this blog. you're right, the world needs to know.

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