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Freek Cassette vol. 2

This month I've decided to post the songs individually for download and as a package, in the form of a compressed zip. archive. To download the songs one by one click on the title of the song, to get more info click on the artist's name. If you are not familiar with FREEK CASSETTE, it is collection of eclectic non-techno tunes I post at the last day of every month to break up the monotony. Enjoy:


1. Greater Than One - Kill That Parent 1987 London's Industrial darlings recorded on Graeme Revell's Side Effects label,.

2. Lamont Dozier - (You Got Me) Wired Up 1981 silky R&B from Detroit.

3. His Name is Alive - Here Forever Always 2006 more hailing from Michigan, a seasoned group who have been recording there own eclectic blend music for twenty plus years, check out their newest album, Detrola.

4. The Flowerpot Men - Beat City 1986 childhood favorite from Ferris Bueller's Day Off Soundtrack

5. Biochemical Dread - Zero Democracy Dub 2003 electronic dub from Roland H Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire and Sweet Exorcist.

6. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - Black Spring 2005 12+ minute long synth epic on DFA.

7. Nashville Washboard Band - Old Joe 1930's from Alan Lomax's Black Appalachia: String Bands Songsters Hoedowns.

8. Terminal Cheesecake - Budmeister 1994 pyschdelic bong rock from this UK outfit.

9. Lesbians on Ecstasy - Revolt 2004 like a updated version of Lords of Acid

10. Fellini - Teu Ingles 1985 quirky, but great pop from Italy.

11. Nervous Cabaret - Page 13 2006 incredible new band out of NYC. I really dig the Tom Waits-esque vocals and live recording,

12. ISO68 - Stargardt side project from Lali Puna.

13. Arthur Russell - Instrumentals Vol. 1 Track 1 1975 lost recordings recently released on Audika from the late Arthur Russell of Dinosaur L and Loose Joints fame.

14. Pigbag -Oorangutango 1981 funky jam-rock. Buy the CD here.

15. Dexter Wansel - Rings Of Saturn 1976 trippy jazz from this Philly stalewart.

16. Musti Laiton - Survival Horror 2004 cavernous sounds and atmospheric experimentalism from Helsinki.



always enjoying your new posts, thanks

greets cranston

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