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Titonton Duvanté

I remember seeing Titonton Duvanté spin for the first time at an event in 1999 called "Welcome to My House 1", The first of a series of massive annual raves in Detroit. But it wasn't until I saw his live PA at DEMF 2001 that he really blew me away. His rocking percussive analog beats blend magically with pulsating synths to take you on a musical journey where scarecrows pop-n-lock down the yellowbrick road. He's from Colmubus Ohio and he has releases on Metamorphic Recordings, Environ, 2000 Black, 7th City, and Residual Recordings.

Check out his website here


Titonton Duvanté - Rugburn Starbaby 2002

Titonton - Titilate Residual Recordings 1999

Titonton Duvanté - Celeestial Gaze Metamorphic Recordings 1995

Titonton Duvanté - Curvaceous Amalgama 2002

Titonton Duvanté - Spread Neroli 2003

titonton is a great producer and dj!
I'd like to hear some sets. I've only found an old one from 1997 here:

found this blog while digging for some mixes from titonton...
i played with him last week in belgium and he is really amazing.
i remember seeing him ten years ago it was as crazy...
can anyone help? ihave some stuff for you to listen to:
check myspace.com/djmicrowave in my blog Motorcity worldwide


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